Corruption urge youth to join militancy: MP


Deputy of Parlia­ment of Rajya Sabha and chief PDP leader, Nazir Ahmad Laway on Thursday said that the cor­ruption has enforced youth to join militant category. Laway said that the “senior officers who are corrupt are responsible for the youth joining militant ranks.”

“The corruption in Kulgam and others districts is at peak and the youth are being pushed to the wall, thus compelling them to join the militant ranks,” he said.

He complement that the corrupt “se­nior officers are harassing the youth, who don’t see their fu­ture anywhere.” “I presided over a meeting today in Kulgam in which the officers from different departments were present and I pledge to eradicate the corrup­tion and the names of the cor­rupt officers will be made public soon,” he complement.

Laway complemented that he will ap­proach the Governor, Satya Pal Malikm and remainder officers “to especially note the sufferings of youth and to eliminate the corruption here.”