Dubai sets up specialised money laundering court

Dubai has established a specialised court focused on ​money laundering cases to combat financial crime, within the Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal.

Emirates News Agency reports.

The establishment of the court aims to further enhance the global competitiveness of the UAE and Dubai by strengthening the rule of law and upholding the values of justice and transparency, according to the state media release.

Нead of the Dubai Courts, Taresh Al Mansouri, said the establishment of the court would increase judicial efficiency and strengthen the country’s efforts to combat financial crime.

The judge also noted a role of society in combating money laundering.

– Reporting money laundering crimes is both an individual and collective responsibility. The society plays a critical role in safeguarding economic and social security and strengthening the efforts of various stakeholders in responding to such crimes, – Al Mansouri added.

Moreover, Dubai Criminal Court Judge Saeed Al-Shaali praised the efforts of the UAE police and customs agencies in combating money laundering and referring cases to the prosecutor’s office for investigation.

Earlier, the Executive Office of the Anti-Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) was established in Dubai to oversee the implementation of the UAE’s National AML/CFT Strategy and National Action Plan (NAP).