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Two Chicago police officers received bribes for the transfer of data on the victims in the accident

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Two police officers from Chicago are accused of participation in the corruption scheme: according to the investigation, they for bribes transferred information on road accidents.

Two Chicago police officers were indicted on charges of bribery and conspiracy to commit bribery following an FBI investigation in relation to the scheme of “returns,” in which officials allegedly collected more than $ 13,000 in bribes, according to Illinoispolicy.

From 2015 to 2017, according to investigators, police officers Kevin Theia and Milot Kadihon “fed” on non-public information from reports of road accidents in the information service of the national Prosecutor in Bloomingdale. Federal authorities have also accused Richard Burton, the owner of the referral service, of complicity in the corruption chain. Such services sell services or goods to the company, which in turn pays a fee.

The proposed scheme worked as follows: Tate and Kadihon illegally exchanged contact details of victims of road accidents with Burton, who then passed this information to injury lawyers, who, in turn, turned to the victims of the accident, offering them their services. Instead, Burton did transferred money in cash or Bank transfer police officers. According to investigators, Tate Cadichon and in total got 7 thousand and 6 thousand 350 dollars in bribes. It should be noted that the maximum prison sentences for bribery and collusion are up to 10 and five years, respectively.

In the prosecution explains that, although the police of Chicago have access to the records of traffic accidents, before they are processed and made public, but law enforcement officials can obtain only with a “legitimate reason”. Access and disclosure of such information violates the law, the indictment says.

Both officers were stripped of their police powers while the case is pending, a Chicago police spokesman confirmed.

Superintendent Eddie Johnson criticized the behavior described in the indictments as” shameful, ” arguing that it means abuse of power if the allegations are confirmed. “The most important thing any police officer aspires to in their career,” Johnson said in a statement, ” is earning the trust of the people they serve.”