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Ex-head of Montenegrin Supreme Court arrested for alleged drug trafficking

Former Chairman of the Supreme Court of Montenegro, Vesna Medenica, was arrested on charges of abuse of office and assistance to a criminal group. Earlier, her son was accused of smuggling drugs and cigarettes.

According to the Balkan media, Vesna Medenica, who previously headed the Supreme Court for 17 years, was arrested at the airport in Podgorica.

Local media published a transcript of a conversation between her son Milos and police officer Darko Lalovic, in which they were arranging the purchase of cocaine and cigarette smuggling in the port of Bar. Milos claimed his mother was aware of their illegal business and said that they can expect protection from her.

For her part, Medenica denied all allegations and called on the authorities to investigate.

After her arrest, she was hospitalised in the emergency department of the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

Medenica headed Montenegro’s Supreme Court until 2020. Before heading the Supreme Court, she was the Chief State Prosecutor for four years.

Last spring, Milos became a defendant in a criminal case on drug and cigarette smuggling and managed to leave the country. Officer Darko Lalovich was arrested in December.