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Malaysia’s former prime minister faces new corruption charge

Malaysian prosecutors have filed a new corruption charge against former Prime Minister Najib Razak, reports “PressTV“.

Najib Razak has been charged with new charges in the organization of deliberate falsification of audit reports on the activities of the state investment Fund 1MDB in 2016. He is also under investigation in several corruption cases related to the theft of the Fund.

On December 10, Razak was detained by the national anti-corruption Commission of Malaysia, and today officially arrested and taken to court. At the moment, he pleads not guilty and intends to defend himself in court.

The court extended the ex-Prime Minister’s temporary release on bail, increasing the previous amount of bail in connection with the new charge.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur on a similar charge was also arrested the former Chairman and Executive Director of the investment Fund Arul Kanda Kandasami. According to investigators, he was the executor of Razak’s order and removed several pages from the audit report.

Court sessions on the merits of the new charges against the former Prime Minister of Malaysia will begin in February 2019.

Earlier, in February 2016, those parts of the audit report 1MDB, which contained information about the Malaysian billionaire low Tech Joe (Joe Lowe), accused of embezzlement from the Fund, were removed. Personal Secretary Najib Razak, when he was Prime Minister, gave instructions to amend the report.

At the end of may 2018, the houses and apartments belonging to the family of Najib Razak were searched, during which the amount of $28.6 million in cash was seized, as well as jewelry totaling more than $109 million.also, significant funds were found on Razak’s accounts transferred there through the accounts of public and private enterprises from the accounts of THE 1mdb Fund.