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Ex – first racket of the world disqualified for violating anti-corruption program

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Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai was disqualified for six months and fined 10 thousand dollars for violating the rules of the fight against corruption in tennis.

The former two-time first racket of the world Peng Shuai tried to change the partner in female doubles after the end of the application period. According to sports officials, she “used coercion and offered the possibility of a financial reward,” the BBC reports.

These actions were a violation of the Tennis anti-corruption program (TACP).

Despite the fact that the partner of the Chinese woman refused, and subsequently Shuai pen did not play at Wimbledon 2017, her actions were recognized as a violation of the rules. The tennis player is disqualified for six months, but for three of them – conditionally. If she no longer violates the rules, she can return to the tour on November 8, 2018.

The coach of the Chinese Frenchman Bertrand perre, who also participated in the persuasion of her partner, is also disqualified – he can not attend tournaments for three months.

Peng is ranked 20th in the world in doubles and 80th in singles. In February 2014, she took first place in the doubles. She is the winner of two Grand slam tournaments in the women’s doubles (Wimbledon-2013, French Open-2014); the winner of the Final tournament of WTA (2013) in doubles; the finalist of one Final tournament of WTA (2014) in doubles; the winner of 23 WTA tournaments (two of them in singles).