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Former French Prime Minister Fillon and his wife may become involved in the case of embezzlement of state funds

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In France, criminal proceedings may be instituted against former Prime Minister Francois Fillon and his wife Penelope Fillon. It is about the theft of public funds and complicity in the abuse of public property.

According to the TV channel BFMTV, police officers of the Central office for the fight against financial and tax offenses presented their materials in the case of Fillon. According to the TV channel, the investigative facts were provided to the magistrates in charge of the case, which will determine whether to send Francois Fillon and his wife to court.

The former Prime Minister is suspected of employing his wife for several years as an assistant to Parliament. In addition, the wife of the former Prime Minister is also suspected of having worked fictiously in the magazine Revue des deux mondes from may 2012 to November 2013.

The scandal around the politician is also heated by the”history of costumes”. In the French press noticed that the costumes of the candidate was worth over 13 thousand dollars, but considering that in France the limit was established in the amount of 5 thousand dollars, of which individuals are permitted to donate to presidential candidates during election campaigns, it was an additional blow to the rating.

The story found an interesting continuation in the special report of BFM TV, which made a film about the reasons for the failure of the campaign Fillon. Later it turned out that the costumes were provided to him by a rich lawyer of French-Lebanese origin Robert Bourges.