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Former Prime Minister of Malaysia asks to return the confiscated millions

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Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak demanded that the police returned the money in the amount of 116.7 million ringgit or more than 28 million dollars, which were confiscated in may last year in the case of theft in the Fund 1MDB.

According to former Prime Minister Najib Razak, over the past three months, the authorities have not taken any measures against the confiscated money. In accordance with the current legislation, the money must be returned. He claimed that the funds did not belong mainly to him, but to the earlier United Malay national organization (UNOM) party, which he headed, before leaving because of the loss in the national elections, Tribune reports.

“I have commented on the issue several times in the local media, but I decided to explain in more detail because the police still insist on not returning the money,” Najib wrote on his Facebook page.

This money is part of the amount confiscated along with jewelry, watches and luxury bags, which were seized by the police in June during searches at the Najib residence in connection with the investigation of the corruption scandal in the Fund 1MDB. Recall that in June, the Malaysian police said that Razak and his wife were confiscated cash, jewelry, art and other valuables in the amount of 273 million dollars. The catalog of the withdrawn jewelry included 567 bags and 2200 rings.

Then the police reported that the money that was confiscated from Najib Razak was 116.7 million ringgit in cash in the form of 26 national currencies. However, in his Facebook post, Najib said that the money was mostly in the national currency-ringgit and only a small part of the cash was in foreign currency.

Currently Najib Razak is accused of breach of trust, abuse of power and money laundering in the amount of 42 million ringgit. The money was reportedly transferred to his account from SRC International, a former branch of 1MDB. Najib explained that this practice was normal for the President of the omno party with regard to party donations and assets, including the transfer and payment during elections.

“The police attacked the apartment and confiscated the money before we could even decide how to manage the money, waiting to see who would become the new party President,” Najib said.