Every year 2.6 trillion dollars is lost in the world caused by corruption

About 2.6 trillion dollars are stolen as a result of corruption every year, which is equivalent to more than five percent of global GDP, said “Philstar”.

The United Nations submitted this report yesterday to highlight the widespread criminality associated with the International day against corruption.

According to the UN, most of the money is lost from areas such as health, education, environment, infrastructure and the supply of basic services.

Corruption exists in all countries-rich and poor, in the North and in the South. It is an attack on the values and ideals of the United Nations. Corruption deprives people of schools, hospitals, scares off investors and leads to waste of natural resources. It undermines the rule of law and contributes to the Commission of other crimes, – said UN  General Secretary Antonio Guterres.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the adoption of the landmark United Nations Convention against corruption.