False prophet who fled South Africa for fraud and money laundering arrested in Malawi

Malawi police arrest South African preacher and businessman Shepard Bushiri. Earlier, he had fled from justice from South Africa to Malawi. Reuters reports.

Bushiri was arrested by South African police in October and was soon released on $ 6,500 bail. He and his wife Mary are accused of money laundering and fraud.

After fleeing abroad, a South African court issued two arrest warrants for Bushiri and his wife.

At the same time, the preacher’s escape led to a diplomatic dispute between the two countries over who was to blame for his escape.

Bushiri, who describes himself as a prophet, made his wealth through donations from followers of his Enlightened Christian Gathering church in Pretoria. He is very popular on social media and has a luxurious lifestyle. The False Prophet is also known for his claims that he can cure HIV and blindness, and promises to deliver his followers from poverty.

In Malawi police said that the preacher and his wife surrendered themselves to law enforcement after learning of the impending arrest.

A spokesman for Bushiri said that his client was not hiding from justice, and he fled to Malawi, because it was impossible to get a fair trial in South Africa.