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Ghana Football Association dissolved after the film’s release on corruption

Фото: Квеси Ньянтаки

The government of Ghana dissolved its national football Federation on charges of corruption and bribery in football. Such decisive measures were taken after the release of the documentary investigation.

“My fellow ganize, I want to apologize to you for the critical decision I had to make ambassadors out in the light video Anas. I Express this regret, because I know that ganiza – people who love football, and this decision will affect you one way or another. But, unfortunately, you are all deeply distressed, as I am, by the high level of corruption in our football Federation. At this stage, trust in the GFA disappeared. In the quagmire, in which our football Federation is mired, critical reforms are now required for major repairs,” said the President of the country, Nana Akufo – Addo.

According to him, all Bank accounts of the exposed officials will be frozen pending full investigations. Investigations will be carried out against all the officials found.

In the film, which released journalist ANAS, Aremeyaw, Kwesi Nyantakyi, head of the national soccer Federation, takes a bribe taking in the amount of $ 65 thousand (48 thousand pounds) from a businessman who was allegedly plans to invest in the development of football in Ghana, reports africanews.

The video also says that Nyatakki has proposed to businessmen to conclude state contracts with an additional payment of $ 12 million, which were intended for senior officials, including President Nana Akufo-Addo.

In particular, Nyantakiy requested $ 5 million for Akufo-Addo, $ 3 million for Vice President Mahamudu Bavumia, $ 2 million for the Minister of roads, $ 1 million for the Deputy Minister of roads and $ 1 million for the head of the football Federation.

It is still unknown how FIFA will react to the decision to dissolve the organization in Ghana. The laws of the international Federation do not allow government intervention in football governance, and it has previously prohibited countries, including Nigeria, from international competition for rule violations.

A documentary called “When greed and corruption became the norm” was handed over to authorities last month and publicly screened for the first time this week.

The film features more than 100 football officials – most of them are West African judges. The journalist said in the film that the judges received cash gifts, despite the fact that the FIFA rules prohibit any gifts. So, the sizes of bribes took different forms-from goats to sums of money from 64 to 900 dollars,” assistance ” was intended to make favorable decisions for the bribe-giver.

Among those caught on camera, was a Kenyan referee Adel range of the moor, who had to work during the FIFA 2018 in Russia. However, he resigned after he was accused of receiving a $ 600 gift. The judge himself denies any charges.