Fugitive Iraqi governor sentenced in absentia for embezzlement of $ 11.7 million

The Iraqi Integrity Commission reported that Karrar Al-Abadi, former governor of Babil province, was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzling $ 11.7 million from the state budget.

The Investigation Department said the former official damaged the state budget by signing a contract between the governorate’s office and the state-owned General Automobile Industry Company to supply vehicles to Al-Hillah municipality. The contract value amounted to more than $ 11.7 million.

The Al-Hillah Misdemeanor Court sentenced him in absentia to imprisonment for three years.

According to Iraq Today news agency, this is the second ruling against Al-Abadi, as a court sentenced him in absentia to seven years in prison in March. He was found guilty of forging identification documents related to his birthplace in order to obtain the position of Governor.

Al-Abadi was removed from his post in October 2019 on fraud charges.

In November 2019, an Iraqi judicial authorities issued an arrest warrant for the former politician.

Al-Abadi is reportedly still on the run and the Iraqi authorities are unaware of his whereabouts.