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GST to end ‘inspector raj’, weed out black money and corruption: Nitin Gadkari

Indian Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari. Source: The Indian Express.

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The rollout of the much-awaited Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime will end ‘inspector raj’, weed out black money from the system and end corruption, Union minister Nitin Gadkari said on Friday.

“The implementation of  GST will hugely benefit the country’s economy by weeding out black money and introducing transparency,” Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Minister Gadkari said.

Addressing the India Today Midnight Conclave, Gadkari said it will end the prevalent red-tapism and bolster economic growth. GST will increase the revenue of the state governments and the Centre, and had petrol and diesel included in it, states would have benefitted tremendously, he said.

“Overall, the GST will benefit the economy. The flow of black money will be stifled. Seventeen taxes and 22 other cesses will be abolished after the GST comes into effect,” Gadkari said.

He added, “Of course, there will be teething trouble in GST launch, but the government is ready to tackle the challenges.” He said even US president Donald Trump has praised GST.

“To say that GST is being hurried upon is absolutely wrong. The process started long back. The Congress governments in the past have also been part of it,” he said in reply to a query.

He said, “Congress is opposing the midnight GST launch event at Parliament just for the sake of it. They are just doing politics”. Asserting that the lower middle class will not be affected by the GST on packed food products, he said, “We are working for the benefit of the people. We need to take some harsh steps. There will be some hiccups initially, but they will be sorted out”.

“I don’t claim people will not face trouble, but things will improve in two-three months of GST launch. Some hard steps are needed to be taken but it will ultimately have a positive impact,” Gadkari said.