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Ivanka Trump closes her clothing brand because of a possible conflict of interest

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To avoid a conflict of interest, Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald trump and senior white house Advisor, has decided to give up her brand.

“This decision is the only fair one for my team and partners,” the Wall Street Journal reports the words of the daughter of the American President.

After Donald Trump won the presidential election, his daughter moved away from managing her own brand, but retained her stake in the company through a trust Fund. Ivanka Trump stressed that her future is connected with work in Washington, she does not know yet whether she will return to the retail industry after the termination of work in the White house.

It should be noted that under the brand Ivanka Trump clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry are sold. Sales of this brand soared in 2016, when the us held presidential elections.

In the spring of 2018, China has provided approval for the registration of 13 new trademarks Ivanka Trump. Experts have expressed concerns that Ivanka Trump could benefit financially from her position and the presidency of her father, and she may also be influenced by the political activities of other countries in relation to her business.

Brands are a” weak link ” that other States can use for their political purposes. However, Chinese officials stressed that all trademark applications are processed in accordance with the law.

In addition to the already registered 13 brands for the brand Ivanka Trump, her company also received prior permission to register eight more brands.

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