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Qatar accused of corruption in obtaining the rights to host the World Cup 2022

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The Sunday Times edition claims that Qatar violated FIFA rules and deliberately discredited its opponents to win the right to host the World Cup 2022 .

The British newspaper the Sunday Times published an article in which it is reported that it has documents proving that Qatar has signed a contract with a PR firm from new York, former CIA agents, journalists, bloggers and activists to spread negative propaganda against its competitors in the competition for the right to become the owner of the World Cup 2022 . We are talking about the US and Australia.

According to the publication, the available documents say that the PR firm Brown Lloyd Jones – currently BLJ Worldwide-paid 800 thousand us dollars to the Qatar competition Commission for the campaign to combat defamation against other bidders.

The Sunday Times article describes in detail that Qatar has sought support from American bloggers and journalists to spread negative information about the application for the U.S. World Cup to reduce domestic support for this. The article even talks about the fact that Qatar’s money civil lobbyists in the United States contacted congressmen to convince them that the funds for the World Cup is better spent on physical education programs for young people in the country.

One of Qatar’s supposed expenses is $ 10,000 – one of the American economists for the negative report on the economic cost of the World Cup 2022  in the US, which was then distributed throughout the world.

Also, it is claimed in documents, the former employees of intelligence agencies allegedly made reports on all persons who participated in advance of applications of the countries-competitors of Qatar.

In Australia were allegedly organized protests against the World Cup 2022  in the country in Rugby competitions.

Experts believe that although the FIFA ethics Committee has requested evidence of these violations, but most likely it will not lead to the deprivation of Qatar’s right to host the World Cup 2022.

The statement of the Qatar high Committee for the organization of the World Cup 2022 says that he rejects all the allegations of the Sunday Times.

“We went through a thorough investigation and disclosed all the information about our application, including the official investigation led by us Prosecutor Michael Garcia,” the Committee said in a statement.

Michael Garcia conducted an investigation and presented a detailed report on its results, FIFA notes.

In December 2010, Qatar’s bid for the World Cup 2022  was satisfied. At the same time Russia received the right to host the World Cup 2018, although the competition was attended by three countries, including England.