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Everyone’s furious at ‘corruption’ that stole megafight from Golovkin

Gennady Golovkin throws a left at Canelo Alvarez. Source: Getty Images.

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Veteran boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas slammed judge Adelaide Byrd for her seemingly lopsided scoring of the controversial Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin fight.

Atlas believes corruption is responsible for a mind-boggling draw that has drawn the ire of fight fans around the globe.

While the bout ended in a draw, it was the score from judge Byrd, who had it 118-110 for Canelo, which marred the blockbuster.

Atlas, who also famously blasted Jeff Horn’s decision victory over Manny Pacquiao, branded the result a product of “corruption in boxing.”

“Follow the money,” he said on ESPN.

“Boxing doesn’t honor the things it should honor. It honors money, control, power. And there’s only certain power brokers in boxing, certain promoters, and they have the power.”

“They have control who the judges are going to be, who the judges aren’t going to be, who they’re going to vote for. Las Vegas, where the money is going to come back there for the rematch.”

“How can I stand here all week and say that there is going to be a controversial outcome? How do I know that?”

Former IBF featherweight and IBO super-featherweight champion, Billy Dib was disgusted by the scoring.

Former two-weight world champion Paul Malignaggi believes Alvarez was protected by the promotion.

And boxing announcer Ray Flores called for Byrd to be removed from judging on future events.