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Peru Congress initiates impeachment proceedings against president over corruption

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo admitted his mistakes in governing the country. Congress voted to begin impeachment proceedings against the president on corruption charges. Last December, the impeachment failed.

Reuters reports.

76 members of parliament against 41 voted to start the political trial. Ultimately, lawmakers will need 87 votes to remove Castillo from office.

The final vote will take place on March 28.

A previous attempt to start impeachment proceedings in December 2021 failed to get enough votes in Congress.

During a speech in Congress, Castillo admitted his mistakes in governing the country, but denied charges of corruption. The president called for political reconciliation to «end minor disputes» and work together for the welfare of the Peruvian people.

The development comes as Castillo has seen his popularity plunge to 26% since taking office in July, according to an Ipsos poll. The opposition criticizes the president for changing cabinet ministers four times in eight months.

The opposition alleges that Castillo is morally unfit to govern the country.