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Lori Laughlin pleads not guilty to bribery

Lori Loughlin
Photo: W Magazine

Hollywood actress Lori Laughlin pleads not guilty in giving a bribe for the admission of her two daughters to college, writes The Guardian.

Laughlin and her husband, famous designer Mossimo Jannoulli, are charged with paying a bribe of 500,000 dollars to the consulting agency of Robert Singer. This money was paid for the entry of girls into the rowing team, although no one of them was involved in this sport. Attributed sporting achievements ensured the admission of the actress’s daughters to the University of Southern California.

Last week, more than a dozen wealthy parents were accused of organizing the enrollment of their children in elite colleges of the Ivy League. Lori Laughlin and her husband stated in court documents that they did not admit their guilt and refused to attend the court session. About ten other parents, who were involved in the case, also don`t consider their guilt.

Another famous actress Felicity Huffman and 12 others parents had already confessed their guilt of giving bribes.