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London will discuss global fight against corruption in sport

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More than a hundred ministers, international sports organizations and experts will meet for the London summit today. They will reaffirm actions aimed at fighting corruption in sports, said UK government press office.

Delegates of the international partnership against corruption in sport (IPACS) will decide how to manage conflicts of interest at major sporting events and how to ensure a fair and transparent process. They will also begin to develop tools to prevent corruption in the procurement of sports events and the provision of infrastructure contracts.

Today’s summit is a strengthening of the international movement aimed at protecting sport from the devastating consequences of corruption.

This is the first IPACS meeting of this level since they joined the international Olympic Committee (IOC) forum last year. The mission of the prisoner at the partnership forum was to unite international sports organizations, governments and intergovernmental organizations. Their aim was “to strengthen and support efforts to eliminate corruption and promote a culture of good governance in and around sport”.

IPACS also includes the Council of Europe, the IOC, the Organization for economic development and cooperation (OECD), the government of the United Kingdom and the United Nations Office on drugs and crime (UNODC), and consists of a steering Committee composed of governments, sports organizations and intergovernmental organizations.

The value of IPACS lies in a pragmatic partnership that will help the world unite and offer effective solutions to pressing issues. IPACS reaching such a high level, which will happen today, is aimed at a full-scale team effort.