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Tembenu hits at EU, Britain for demanding Malawi corruption report

Malawi Minister of Justice Tembenu, антикоррупционный отчет

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Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu has criticised the European Union (EU) and Britain for demanding government to finalise and circulate a report on corruption to enable stakeholders to take action.

In April this year, the Malawi Government held a high-profile conference on corruption where stakeholders discuss how to combat corruption in the country, among other issues.

EU representative in Malawi Marchel Gerrmann has been calling on government to release the report.

“As EU [European Union], we financed a conference last April on corruption, which was also attended by the President, but so far we still haven’t seen a report or recommendations a year later”.

“I think it is important if this done if the fight against corruption is to be won in this country.”

British High Commissioner Holly Tett also has been asking for the report, saying is crucial as it will guide stakeholders’ action plan.

But Tembenu said trashed the calls, saying on the second day of the conference all delegates were given the recommendations and that a report would not change anything.

Donors argue that improved service delivery for ordinary Malawians will be made possible if corruption is clamped down and amounts of public money that vanish are significantly reduced.