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Mongolia has proposed a way of combating corruption: the hunger strike of the President

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Khaltmagiin Battulga, the President of Mongolia, on the background of the revealed corruption and embezzlement for the second time since taking office, raised the issue of the dissolution of the Khural – Mongolian Parliament. Moreover, Battulga even promised to go on hunger strike if the Hural doesn’t make the decision on self-dissolution. 

Speaking on local television, the President of Mongolia, Khaltmagiin Battulga said he was ready to go on hunger strike or hold sit-down strike if the Parliament of the Republic — the Great people’s Hural — refuse voluntary dissolution. It is reported by Bloomberg.

The main reason for the President’s indignation was the news that members of Parliament abused their powers, receiving huge loans at 0.25% through the Fund for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, which caused a wave of popular indignation. So, it turned out that the company of the wife of the Minister of food, agriculture and light industry, supervising the distribution of the Fund’s loans, received 1.4 billion tugriks (about 36 million rubles).

When asked what he would do after asking the Parliament to disband, the President replied: “a Hunger strike?”.

“This is the scene where we are now. I tried different options, sent proposals, we discussed this issue,” the leader of the country added.

The speaker of the state Great Hural Enkhbold, Miegombyn the later gave an official response to our letter of appeal the President of Mongolia Khaltmagiin of Battulga on the dissolution of Parliament. According to him, there is no reason to consider the Great state Hural unable to further exercise its powers.  Also, the answer was listed the achievements of the Parliament of Mongolia. Including the fact that as a result of the Great state Hural policy in 2018, the growth of the country’s economy amounted to 6.3%.

The President was most upset by the scandal with the issuance of 2/3 of the deputies of the Parliament of preferential loans. The speaker stressed that the faction of the Mongolian people’s party in the Parliament has already responded: the Minister of food, agriculture and light industry, whose wife’s company received huge loans by the standards of Mongolia, has been suspended from work.

According to market analyst and head of financial group Altan Bumba Dale Choi, the President wanted to get more powers for his administration by such actions. “All these shows should gain popularity among the electorate in order to gain the support of voters,” the expert stressed.