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In Haiti during anti-corruption protests killed police and tourists

Источник фото: VOA News

One police officer was killed and two foreigners were injured in protests held on Sunday in Haiti. The protests are caused by assumptions about the appropriation of about 3 billion 800 thousand dollars from the funds intended for energy projects by government officials.

According to the Washington Post, one of the victims was a 29-year-old French woman who was traveling with her boyfriend and a Haitian American tourist from Port-AU-Prince airport to a popular beach club approximately. Her name is Marion Bobin, 29, her friend Francis Eugene said. 27-year-old Eugene said that another tourist and driver were also wounded.

He said that a group of armed men tried to stop the transfer from the airport, which was delivered by the club about half an hour before he arrived at the destination, and after refusing to stay was opened fire.

Haitian police reported earlier that day that one of their officers had been killed by a street gang in the capital.

Police spokesman Gary Derosier reported that the officer was driving a motorcycle taxi that was stopped at a checkpoint run by a street gang that fatally shot him and burned his body in an alley.

As a result of protests, most of Haiti was paralyzed by street riots: the work of schools and state institutions was added. A total of six people were killed in clashes between police and demonstrators in a few days.

We will remind, the demonstrators urged the President to resign, due to the fact that there is no investigation of corruption that took place under the previous government over Venezuela’s subsidizing of the Petrocaribe energy program.