North Macedonia: former anti-corruption Prosecutor jailed for corruption

A former top anti-corruption Prosecutor was found guilty by A court in Northern Macedonia. She was found guilty of accepting bribes and luxury gifts as part of an extortion scheme and was jailed for seven years after , reports APnews.

Kati Yaneva, 55 years, was ordered to remain under house arrest pending an appeal. She denies any wrongdoing.

High-level corruption cases have contributed to years of political unrest in Northern Macedonia and are considered a key obstacle to the country’s hopes of joining the European Union.

Another man arrested on extortion charges, television personality, recording artist and businessman Bojan Jovanovski, received nine years.

Jovanovski was found guilty of using his influence over Yaneva and giving her about 50,000 euros (us $ 56,000) as a bribe in exchange for more lenient treatment of the businessman at the center of a major corruption investigation.

Earlier, the special Prosecutor of Macedonia was dismissed due to allegations of bribery. The Parliament of North Macedonia has voted for the resignation of special Prosecutor Katica Yaneva.

The Macedonian special Prosecutor is responsible for investigating corruption at the highest level. She gets cases against high-ranking officials and businessmen on her Desk.

The Agency, controlled by the Yaneva, was established in Macedonia in 2015. The main purpose was the name of the fight against organized crime and corruption. This was done against the background of Macedonia’s desire to join the European Union.