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Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia In Awkward ‘Corruption’ Slip-Up

Source: The Malta Independent.

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She mistakingly said the Labour government increased corruption.

Parliamentary secretary for reforms Julia Farrugia Portelli had a moment to forget in the House this week, as she mistakingly said corruption has increased under the Labour government.

Parliament convened yesterday to debate a Bill which will introduce parliamentary scrutiny for the future appointment of ambassadors and heads of some regulatory bodies. During the debate, Farrugia Portelli took the mic to hail the law as the latest in a long line of laws by the Labour government to increase transparency and good governance.

However, her speech suffered a slip-up as she said: “We increased corruption…I mean, the fines on corruption.”

The Nationalist Party’s media station NET was the first to pounce on her mistake, describing it as a “Freudian slip”.

Was this a Freudian slip or a mere slip of the tongue?