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Convicted ex-President of Brazil accused his judge of bias

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The former President of Brazil, Luis inácio Lula da Silva, said that the judge who had sentenced him was biased. This is allegedly evidenced by the fact that the Minister of Themis accepted the offer to take a post in the government of the enemy da Silva.

Earlier this week, da Silva, who is currently serving a 12-year sentence, filed a petition with the Brazilian Supreme court for his release and the reversal of his sentence.

Lula’s petition came a few days after President-elect Jair Bolsonaro announced judge Sergio Moro as South America’s next Minister of justice, aljazeera reports.

Brazil under Bolsonaro?

Lula’s lawyers have long argued that Moreau was biased and that the charges against the former President were fabricated to prevent him from running for office again.

Lula led the preparations for this year’s deeply polarized elections, but his belief in the corruption case prevented him from participating in the race.

Brazil’s Clean slate law prohibits persons with serious criminal charges from holding office for eight years after being found guilty.

Controversial appointment

Moreau agreed to become Minister of justice in the Bolsonaro government, saying his new position would allow him to strengthen his fight against corruption.

“The prospect of implementing a tough anti-corruption fight, taking into account the Constitution, law and rights, prompted me to make this decision,” Moreau said.  “This means, in practice, strengthening progress in the fight against crime and corruption in recent years,” he said.

Left-wing labor party, Lula (PT) expressed their anger and disappointment at the decision.

“The passion of Moreau has always been blatant, wrote the representatives of the party on Twitter. – An attempt to influence the elections took place in 2014. Sergio Moro’s appointment to the post of Minister Bolsonaro shows only the political interests of the Minister.”

Car wash

Moreau became known for his active work in the investigation of the case, dubbed “car Wash” in 2014. The investigators focused on the state oil company of Brazil, Petrobras, with the participation of 11 countries.

The investigation uncovered complex schemes through which construction companies received inflated contracts and then paid billions of dollars in bribes to politicians and other government officials for more than a decade.

In the end, in prison turned some of the biggest names in Brazil, including the Lula, who was convicted of corruption on the part of construction company Grupo OAS for the promise of the apartments on the beach.

Lula began serving his sentence in April this year, which effectively deprived him of another opportunity to become President.