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Pedraz imposes 300,000 euros of guarantee to Villar to leave the jail

Angel María Villar. Source: Reuters.

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Gorka Villar and the federal vice president Juan Padrón will have to pay 150,000 and 300,000 euros respectively to get out of jail.

The judge of the National Hearing Santiago Pedraz has decreed the provisional release on bail of 300,000 euros for the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Angel Maria Villar. The magistrate has also imposed on him the obligation to appear weekly before the court, has withdrawn his passport and has asked for a mobile phone number to be located at all times and put to court as soon as required.

The magistrate also establishes a bond of 150,000 and 300,000 euros respectively for Villar’s son, Gorka Villar , and federal vice-president Juan Padrón , both of whom are also charged – as the head of the RFEF – in the framework of the Soleu case , which investigates the Client network created supposedly to ensure the continuity in the position of the main leader of the organism as well as the diversion of funds to the pockets of several agents. According to the judge ordered, both Gorka and Padrón will have the same obligation to appear weekly before the Court number 1 of the National Court and will not be able to leave the country in the case of paying the deposit.

Pedraz understands that there is still reason to impute to the investigated the same crimes that were attributed to him when the judge ordered the provisional prison, but that at the present moment “it is opportune” to modify his personal situation because the carried out procedures prevent that the three Can impede the investigation of the case and there is no risk of leakage due to the control measures imposed.

The judge argues that the agents of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard have already overturned all documentation, which is in judicial custody, and that in the court has already taken statements to witnesses and others investigated, have seized Property and current accounts have been blocked, so there is no possibility that the three incarcerated can destroy evidence or flee . Pedraz has also decided to raise the secret of the proceedings and allow the personage in the procedure of the investigated.