Over 80 cars and 20 properties of ex-president’s bodyguard confiscated for corruption

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika (C) and Norman Chisale (left)

Norman Chisale, head of security for the ex-president of Malawi, faces corruption charges. Authorities seized property belonging to Chisale worth an estimated $ 2.2 million.

More than 80 vehicles of various brands from Mercedes Benz and Range Rover to Land Cruisers and Jeep Wrangler were confiscated from Chisale, as well as 21 real estate properties, including residential houses and commercial buildings. Malawi authorities also froze two bank accounts belonging to Chisale, totaling about $ 150,000. Al-Jazeera news agency reports.

Chisale has been accused by the Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau and investigating authorities of cement import fraud in 2017-2018. According to the investigation, «there are reasonable grounds to believe that the assets are the proceeds of crime», since his salary is only $ 1,500 a month.

– Even factoring in per diems and allowances, which could have raised Chisale’s monthly income to $ 8,000, it would have taken him 274 years to earn his current wealth, – the Mail & Guardian newspaper noted.

In his defense, Chisale said that some of the cars were gifted to ex-president of Malawi Peter Mutharika from religious and local leaders throughout the country, and his job was to transfer such gifts. However, he has not said how many vehicles actually belong to him.

From 2014 to 2020, Chisale headed the security detail of Mutharika, who came under suspicion of tax evasion on cement imports after losing the June 2020 elections.