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Pakistan will ask countries for help in the fight against corruption

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Pakistan announced its intention to conclude an agreement with Switzerland, The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom on assistance in the fight against corruption, said “Regnum“.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Pakistan plans to sign agreements with countries on legal support for the return of funds illegally withdrawn abroad.

The agreement with the three countries will contain clauses on the extradition of fugitive fraudsters and on the provision of information on Bank accounts.

Earlier, an event dedicated to the International anti-corruption day was held in Islamabad. On it, President Arif Alvi of Pakistan appealed to the citizens to help the government to eradicate corruption. According to him, only the participation of ordinary citizens and change of public attitude to corruption can improve the situation in the country and contribute to its economic development.

Alvi also highlighted the special role of the anti-corruption service of the National Reporting Bureau, confirming its productive and impartial investigations in this case.