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Teachers protest against ‘corruption’ in SALU

Пакистанские учителя протестуют

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KHAIRPUR – Stop Corruption Save University rally was organised by Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU) teachers at Khairpur Press Club on Monday.

The participants hold banners and placards, raising slogans against corruption in university and demanded to provide basic academic and research facilities in the university. Addressing the rally, the speakers demanded to take action against the corrupt officials. They said the university may be strengthen through regular meeting of various forums, but no any meeting of Senate called since two years and budget is being illegally utilised without approval. They said there is no any proper water facility in the university for the student and teachers.

They threaten if authorities will not take any action to stop corruption and demands will not accepted then progressive friends teachers alliance will start token hunger strike from March 21.

Professor Noor Shah Bukhari, Professor Dr Amir Chandio, Professor Dr Minhoon Khan Laghari, Professor Ghulam Ali Mallah, Professor Dr Saleem Rahpoto, Ishrat Meerani, Muhammad Ali Birohi and many other teachers were present.

Meanwhile, SALU spokesperson Professor Dr Taj Muhammad Lashari in his press release said that a protest rally organised by a group of university teachers against the university code.

He said: “It is immoral and unethical and irrational approach against the university.” He further said that the 19 points agenda was taken into account and ultimately a high level committee was constituted by the vice chancellor headed by a senior dean.

He said their genuine demands were resolved including the main problem of selection board was held as per commitment made by the university authority. Beside selection board other 19 points have been resolved by issuing notifications.

He said, if any individual teacher or group has grievances, they may approach to the vice chancellor. In case of non satisfaction, the syndicate is the supreme statuary forum of the university consisting on diversified persons including judiciary, Member of Parliament, HEC representative and six elected teachers.

He said the decisions of the syndicate are judicious, fair and transparent in a manner. Syndicate is the executive body of the university to maintain check and balance on financial, services and administrative matters, he added.

The spokesperson has rebutted the impression of financial corruption. The entire financial business is being processed after pre audit and proper demand and approval, he added.

The spokesperson has clarified that the rally is being taken out on the pretext of issuance of a letter to Ishrat Mirani, Assistant Professor by the Registrar of University is a routine official matter.

He said that this rally is an emotional act on the part of the one group of the teachers and treated as tantamount to malign and defame this higher educational seat of the upper Sindh and also to malign the high stature personality of Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Parveen Shah.

He appealed the civil society, citizens not to participate in this rally which is based on personal vendetta.