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Pope to Antimafia Parliamentary Commission: Corruption is contagious and parasitic


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Pope Francis met with the members of the Italian Anti-Mafia Parliamentary Commission.

As soon as the meeting began, Pope Francis remembered attorneys Rosario Livatino, Paolo Borsellino and Judge Giovanni Falcone; all three were killed by the mafia.

Pope Francis explained that the only way to combat the mafia is to do so at economic and political levels.

Pope Francis

“Corruption always finds a way to justify itself, presenting itself as the ‘normal’ condition, the solution for those who are ‘shrewd,’ the way to reach ones goals. It has a contagious and parasitic nature, because it does not get nourishment from the good it produces, but it subtracts and robs.”

The pope has said that the most important thing is to change the civil conscience. That is, for citizens to understand their responsibility toward themselves and others. It’s an education which will help them reject unworthy and criminal work.

Pope Francis

“The starting point is always the heart of man, his relationships, what he considers important. We will never sufficiently watch over this abyss, where the person is exposed to temptations of opportunism, deceit and fraud, made more dangerous because they are not put into question.

“It is also a sign of deviant politics, bent on party interests and unclear agreements.”

Before leaving, he blessed them, praying for them to continue to be tireless workers for justice, with a sense of duty and mercy.