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A life-long convicted ex-Prosecutor from Shanghai “pulled” another 100 people

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The former chief Prosecutor of Shanghai, who was sentenced last month to life imprisonment for participating in a corruption scheme for $ 10 million, called the names of 100 more persons involved in his case.

A court in the southern city of Nanning sentenced Chen Xu, a former Communist party leader and Prosecutor General, once known as the “manipulator of Shanghai law,”to life in prison on October 25. It is reported by OCCRP.

He was found guilty of receiving more than $ 10.68 million in cash and real estate in person or through family members between 2000 and 2015. Chen also used his position to organize lucrative contracts and helped his beneficiaries evade prosecution.

Experts note that the man was tried only on charges of corruption, and the court did not impose any punishment for the use of official position to help individuals and companies or to make the necessary judicial decisions. According to media reports, Chen Xu was involved in a 2005 litigation over the property of a building originally owned by a Hong Kong businessman. It is noted that the key witnesses in the case were killed under suspicious circumstances.

Chen confessed his crimes, relinquished his assets, and expressed remorse in court, leading to “easier punishment.”

The Communist party expelled Chen in may 2017, finding that he “seriously damaged the authority of the judiciary and social justice.” He has worked in Shanghai’s law enforcement system since the 1970s, and as Shanghai’s chief Prosecutor since February 2008.

The Central Commission for discipline inspection (CCDI) made an investigation on Chen at the request of the Central Committee of the party.

Recently, several former officials from China have been convicted of corruption. In particular, the former Vice-Governor of Shandong admitted to corruption for $ 3.7 million .  At the stage of investigation are the cases of colleagues JI-Vice-governors of other provinces of China. Thus, Li Yihuan, a former Vice-Governor of Jiangxi province, is accused of bribery, corruption and embezzlement of public funds. According to the indictment, Lee abused his power to obtain benefits for individuals and businesses and took large amounts of bribes from them. In addition, he allegedly obtained state property, squandered public funds for private use and engaged in profit-raising activities. Lee was also accused of abuse of power, which caused great losses to state-owned companies.