Salvadoran Ex-President and his wife found guilty of illegal enrichment

El Salvador’s court has found Ex-President Elias Antonio Saca and his wife, Ana Ligia de Saca guilty of illegal enrichment and ordered them to return $ 4.4 million to state coffers.

Prosecutors had found irregularities in the couple’s wealth declaration and accused both of transferring public money to their personal bank accounts and to those of broadcasting companies they owned during Saca’s presidency, according to the Reuters news agency.

El Salvador’s general attorney Raul Melara noted on Twitter after the court’s decision that the fact of theft by officials and presidents of the past is well known to everyone.

– We’re working so that they pay for their crimes, and this money is used for the benefit of Salvadorans, – Melara said.

The court order to return stolen funds complements a 10-year prison sentence that Saka received in September 2018 after he pleaded guilty to money laundering and embezzling $ 300 million during his administration from 2004 to 2009.