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SBM Offshore will give $ 189 million because of the corruption scandal with Petrobras

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The Dutch company SBM Offshore has reached a settlement with the Brazilian authorities after a corruption scandal. SBM employees participated in the official bribery scheme in three foreign state oil companies, including Brazilian Petrobras.

After a lengthy anticorruption investigations in Brazil, the Dutch Maritime Inzhenernaya group again to start a new business. SBM reported that the company will pay approximately $ 189 million to the Brazilian authorities and the state oil company Petrobras in fines and compensation for damages, Reuters reports.

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The press service said that the company will not receive previously agreed bonuses for performance in the amount of about $ 180 million in the period until 2030.

The agreement completes all anti-corruption investigations against SBM in Brazil and allows the company to participate in tenders in Petrobras again, the company said.

Earlier, SBM was charged that representatives of the company gave bribes to government officials to enter into contracts with Petrobras, a state-owned company that was at the center of the largest corruption scandal in Brazil against the background of investigations of the political scheme of refusal to participate contractors.

Two former SBM executives pleaded guilty in November to U.S. charges that they participated in a bribery scheme for officials at three foreign state-owned oil companies, including Petrobras.

Earlier, the Brazilian company Petrobras reported that it will have to pay a fine of 622 million dollars on the claim of the American company Vantage Drilling. In addition, on June 22, it became known that the Federal court in new York approved a group lawsuit against Petrobras. According to the court decision, the company has to pay almost 3 billion us dollars to American investors affected by the corruption scandal inside the company.