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Senator Warren proposed an anti-corruption plan to restore confidence in the government

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Against the background of trials involving former employees of the election campaign of Donald trump, Senator Elizabeth Warren presented a new anti-corruption plan that could become the largest ambitious set of anti-corruption laws.”

Warren’s plan, presented at the National press club in Washington, called “the largest ambitious set of anti-corruption laws proposed in Congress after the Watergate scandal,” according to OCCRP.

In her speech, Warren said that compared to 1953, when 73 percent of Americans said they trusted the Federal government, now the level of trust has decreased to 18 percent.

“Even one in five Americans today does not trust their government, because they believe that the government works for the rich, the powerful, who have good connections, and not for the American people. And here’s the paradox: they’re right,” Warren said.

“Warren’s laws” are based on six Central reforms aimed at getting rid of loopholes that allow people in power to make personal profits, reduce campaign funding, increase transparency and create anti-corruption agencies, as well as provide stronger public control.

According to the draft, foreign lobbying should be stopped, and lobbyists should not be allowed to make donations to candidates, the creation of a new office of public lawyers to represent the public interest, the emergence of an anti-Corruption Agency, the promotion of greater diversity in the Supreme court and the introduction of streaming audio of all Federal appeal trials.

Although she is considered a future presidential candidate, Warren insists that she is not going to run. However, osenator joins several other democratic candidates in their anti-corruption sentiments.

“Corruption has seeped into our government,” Warren said. According to her, the presented reforms will force American enterprises that interact with the government to represent the majority of the population, not only the rich and powerful. “We can make it happen.And when we do, we will restore the faith of the American people not only in the government, but also in democracy,” the Senator concluded.

Earlier this month, Andrew Gounardes, a Senator from the state of Brooklyn, criticized the incumbent President for what he has spent hundreds of thousands of funds allocated to the campaign for the implementation of his family’s food. Another” stone ” thrown at Trump was Chris Collins, a Congressman from the state of new York, one of the first to support his candidacy in the 2016 elections. The Prosecutor’s office of the southern district of new York filed Collins charges in connection with the insider scheme, which involved him investing in Australian biotech companies.