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A prison officer in New York confessed to the illegal transfer of phones and alcohol

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A security officer from a Federal prison in New York pleaded guilty to receiving more than $ 25,000 in cash for the illegal transfer of mobile phones, alcohol and food to a rich Turkish gold merchant who was awaiting trial.

Former employee of the capital’s correctional center Victor Kazado, who was arrested in April for the transfer of “smuggling” entrepreneur from Turkey Reza Zarrab, while he was waiting for testimony, pleaded guilty before U.S. district judge Richard Sullivan, according to usnews.

He said he knew what he was doing was wrong. The verdict will be delivered on January 11.

Earlier, Iranian-Turkish businessman Reza Zarrab, who is accused of violating sanctions against Iran, said at a trial in new York that he agreed to bribe the ex-Minister of economy of Turkey Zafer Chaglayan in exchange for assistance in the deal with gold. Reza Zarrab was first arrested in the United States as an accused, but then became a witness — he agreed to talk about illegal schemes in which he participated in favor of Turkey and its trade with Iran. Turkey has completely disavowed accusations of violating anti-Iranian sanctions, saying that everything was according to the law and in accordance with national interests, but was extremely offended by the United States for such a painful prick.

Zarrab was arrested in 2016. Previously, he lived in Istanbul with his wife, Turkish pop star and TV presenter Ebru Gundes.