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OCCRP and BIRN Investigation Honored by GIJN Judges

Source: Premium Times.

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A joint OCCRP and BIRN investigation that exposed a EUR 1.2 billion arms pipeline from Central and Eastern Europe to the Middle East was honored on Saturday in Johannesburg, South Africa, by the judges of the Global Shining Light Award.

According to the GIJN website, the bi-annual prize honors “investigative journalism in developing or transitioning countries, done under threat, duress or under dire conditions.”

The OCCRP and BIRN Making A Killing investigation, OCCRP’s Khadija Project and OCCRP partner organization, CIN Serbia’s “Corruption and Organized Crime” were all shortlisted for the award that on Saturday went to Emmanuel Maya from Nigeria and Iraq’s Assad Al Zalzali.

“The competition this year was amazing. We are proud to be recognized by our peers,” said OCCRP’s co-founder, Drew Sullivan.

OCCRP has won four previous prizes.