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Sports, social activities and charity. Zummer company continues to develop

The largest telecommunications operator in the Urals – Zummer company – continues to develop despite all the difficulties faced by founder of the company Michael Trotsky. Moreover, the company is developing not only within the framework of business.

Sports, charity, social activities, educational work – all this is in the sphere of the company’s interests. Zummer employees regularly take part in the largest nationwide events.

The company has been focusing on charity for many years. At the end of April 2019, company employees visited the Tyumen regional center for disabled children «Creativity». The pupils of the institution congratulated Zummer on its 27th anniversary. They showed a costume congratulation, which was the most touching moment of the entire evening.

«Legal Week» was held in Tyumen from 24 to 31 May. It is an annual set of public events dedicated to legal issues. Zummer employees did not miss this interesting event.

The company traditionally takes part in legal week to exchange experience in the legal field and keep knowledge up to date. It is no secret that knowledge of the legislation allows a company to reduce risks and navigate the economy. Employees of the company learn all this.

Zummer is actively developing cooperation with contractors. The company is engaged in the construction of fiber-optic communication lines. The company carries out all work from exploration and design to commissioning of the finished line.

For this purpose, high-quality equipment is supplied to Zummer by NAG company, the main manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in Russia. Zummer buys equipment from NAG exclusively on a competitive basis. NAG leaders decided to send a letter of gratitude to the company, since cooperation with Zummer is always beneficial. This is very important, because nowadays there are many unscrupulous players on the market.

NAG Company thanks the management and staff of «Zummer» LLC for successful long-term cooperation, active position and significant contribution to the development of the telecommunications industry.

Zummer constantly trains entrepreneurs. Free West Siberian tax conference titled «Taxes. Risks. Trends» was held for businessmen. The company takes part in legal events and, if necessary, provides support in their implementation. For this, Zummer was awarded with gratitude by head of the tax committee of the Tyumen regional branch of the All-Russian Public Organization «Business Russia» Denis Germash.

Finally, Zummer constantly participates in major sports projects: «Ski Track of Russia», the Winter Festival the All-Russian sports complex «Ready for labor and defense» (TRP) and others. On August 19, the company’s employees visited the nationwide sports project «Steel Character».

14 people from Zummer tested their will, strength and endurance. The extreme conditions helped to unite the team. During the race, employees reached the finish line through obstacles. Now they are ready for new challenges.

In the future, Zummer also plans to participate in the public life of Russia and develop various spheres of activity.