The Vatican has called for the prevention of corruption during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Holy See’s Permanent Representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Msgr. Janusz Urbańczyk calls for greater attention for the fight against corruption, reports Vatican News. 

June 15, 2020 took place Second Preparatory Meeting of the 28th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum. It was held on the virtual Zoom platform due to the coronavirus crisis. The theme of the Forum is “Promoting security, stability and economic growth in the OSCE area by preventing and combating corruption through innovation, increased transparency and digitalization”. 

During the Meeting Msgr. Urbańczyk reiterated the need to keep attention focused on good governance, never forgetting that corruption poses a great threat to the OSCE’s shared values and that “It generates instability and reaches into many aspects of the security, economic and human dimensions.”

According to Urbańczyk, it is nessessary to stay alert in the fight against corrupt practices during the response process to the crisis: “Despite being a challenge for the international community, the Covid-19 pandemic could also provide a real opportunity to seek new and innovative solutions, also in countering corruption, that are not divisive, politicized or partial, but that truly seek the common good and the integral human development of all.”

Recall that in early June, Vatican introduced a new law aimed at boosting transparency in tenders and cutting costs through competitive bidding. The legislation is the result of four years of work led by Pope Francis, bringing the Holy See in line with international standards.