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Three Miami police officers suspected of “protecting” the drug business

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Three police officers from the city of Miami are accused of taking bribes for patronizing a drug dealer. The latter turned out to be a” decoy”, however, this does not negate the severity of the charges. Police officers allegedly within a month carried out the armed export of the person who was considered as the drug dealer.

Shonton Harris, Calvin Harris and James Archibald were charged by the local Prosecutor’s office with conspiracy and carrying a firearm during a drug-related crime.

“Instead of ridding the streets of drugs, which are ruining our communities, these officers were willing to profit from enterprises for money laundering and drug trafficking,” – said the U.S. attorney for the southern district of Florida Ariana Fajardo Orshan. According to her, the officers were charged with “committing crimes that they are obliged to investigate, report them and assist in the judicial investigation.”

According to CBS Miami, three officers were taken into custody and are expected to be fired . She according to Miami police chief Jorge Colina, their arrests should serve as a warning to other officers, “who will break the oath, disgrace the ranks and disgrace the badge – there is no shelter here. If you are corrupt, we will find you and you will answer your crimes.”

The Federal complaint States that a cooperating witness who was under investigation for involvement in the drug trade in April 2018 agreed to negotiate with Shanton Harris. Speaking with the witness, Harris allegedly said he would accept cash payments to protect the activities of people who work as couriers and drug dealers.

Over the next few months, Federal investigators used a witness, a confidential source, undercover FBI officers, and other law enforcement officials to orchestrate the transfer of false drugs for which Harris allegedly provided protection data. Was later recruited two more officers, pelliniemi: Calvin Harris and James Archibald. They also took part in a criminal scheme. In one September”motorcade” Shonton Harris and James Archibald were filmed, armed and in uniform, “protecting” the transfer of cocaine.

Shonton allegedly received 17 thousand dollars in the form of a bribe, Calvin Harris – 10 thousand dollars, and James Archibald – 6 thousand 500 dollars.