Ukraine’s former deputy defence minister arrested for damage to state of $ 17 million

Kiev authorities arrested former deputy minister of defence of Ukraine Igor Pavlovsky in the case of a supply of low-quality military equipment. BBC News Ukraine reports.

Chairman of the board of the «Kuznya na Rybalskom» shipyard, Valery Shandra, and two defence ministry officials, Andrei Araptanov and Roman Bashinsky, were also charged in the case.

The court imprisoned them in a pre-trial detention center for two months, setting bail. The total amount of bail for suspects is more than $ 65 million.

Investigators believe that Pavlovsky, along with the head of the «Kuznya na Rybalskom» and two ministry of defence officials, organized the supply of «low-quality» military equipment to the Ukrainian army during 2016-2018.

The contracted combat boats and military ambulance lorries did not meet the necessary standards for operation in the Army.

The country damage is estimated at $ 17 million.