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In Ethiopia, 63 military and civil servants were arrested for corruption


In Ethiopia, the names of two arrested security forces became known: the former chief Executive officer of the Ethiopian military Metals and Engineering Corporation, as well as the former head of the Ethiopian information network security Agency (INSA).

The police of Ethiopia decided to arrest the Kinfe Dagnew, former head of Metal and Engineering Corporation, the largest industrial complex in Ethiopia, which produces military equipment and civilian products. Also arrested was Another Tekleberhan Olderage, the former head of the Ethiopian security Agency information networks (INSA), according to African news.

According to media reports, both detainees tried to flee the country when they were intercepted. They were detained on Monday night on the border with Sudan.

Arrests began within twenty-four hours after the attorney General of Berhanu Tsegay told about the cases of corruption in financial transactions MetEC and grave violations of human rights by officials of the INSA .

Overall, 63 suspects representing the two organizations were detained.  27 officials are employees of the state metallurgical company METEC, and 36 – work in the INSA.

Some of the arrested INSA officers, according to the Ethiopian attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye, are accused of cruelty to prisoners — “beatings, rape, electric torture and even murder.” The investigation lasted for five months, and the country’s law enforcement agencies discovered seven illegal underground prisons that the attackers allegedly used for brutal torture.

Representatives of the largest Ethiopian state conglomerate Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), the investigation considers the accomplices in corruption. “In six years, METEC has made purchases totaling $ 2 billion without any tenders,” said Tsegaye.