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Ministers in Malaysia are limited in gifts: only flowers and food


Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is implementing a strategy to create a “clean government”: now Cabinet members are forbidden to take expensive gifts.

“If the Ministers will accept, it should limit itself only with flowers, food and fruit,” Mahathir Mohamad said. The current policy applies only to civil servants, EfE news reports.

Mahathir, who built much of his campaign on accusations of corruption against former Prime Minister Najib Razak, promised to formulate a law to combat the country’s “monetary policy” and better regulate political spending.

Moreover, he said that all the Ministers in the Cabinet, as well as their secretaries should report their assets to the Prime Minister, and then this information will be transferred to the anti-corruption authorities.

“The Prime Minister cannot hide corruption from other officials or administrators,” he said.

Recall, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak suspected of corruption crimes. In his apartments investigators found 30 million dollars”in bags”. “About 30 bags of cash were counted by the police with the assistance of the state Bank. The total amount was about 120 million ringgit (more than $30 million). The counting process took three days, as representatives of law enforcement agencies and the Bank copied the numbers of each bill. After the procedure was completed, the bags were delivered to the capital’s Bank for storage,” it was reported earlier.

The bags of money were among 284 boxes filled with designer handbags, watches, jewelry and cash in different currencies. The cost of the withdrawn values wasn’t counted yet because of their large number.