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Myanmar sentences Nobel laureate to seven years in prison for corruption

A court in Myanmar found former presidential adviser Aung San Suu Kyi guilty of corruption and sentenced her to seven years in prison. Earlier in November, Suu Kyi was granted amnesty. Reuters reports.

Suu Kyi was arrested during the February 2021 coup. The military came to power in the country, and Suu Kyi, along with the President of Myanmar, Win Myin, was detained on charges of corruption and fraud in the November 2020 parliamentary elections.

Law enforcement agencies initiated 19 criminal cases against Suu Kyi. The court sentenced her to 26 years in prison in 14 cases. In November, Suu Kyi was amnestied along with 6,000 people.

However, the court found Suu Kyi again guilty in the last five criminal cases. The investigation accused her of illegally using a helicopter at a loss to the state. The court sentenced her to seven years in prison.

In 1991, Suu Kyi received the Nobel Peace Prize for her decades-long campaign for democracy in Myanmar. From 2016 to 2021 Suu Kyi served as an adviser to the president and minister of foreign affairs of Myanmar.