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British MPs urge to freeze assets of Nazarbayev’s family

Member of the British Parliament Margaret Hodge delivered a report on corruption of family members of Kazakh ex-president Nursultan Nazarbayev, who own multi-million dollar property in the kingdom.

MP’s report published on the Westminster website.

In the report, Hodge named Nursulatan Nazarbayev’s daughter Dariga, his brother Bolat Nazarbayev, former chairman of the National Security Committee Karim Masimov, former first deputy chairman of the Nur Otan party Baibek Bauyrzhan, Nursultan’s brother Bolat Nazarbayev and many other people close to them.

Hodge noted that the Kazakh elite owns over half a billion pounds of property in the UK. Around 330 million pounds of that belongs to Nazarbayev’s family.

– I can’t think of a leader in the free world as notoriously corrupt as Nazarbayev. We’ve know about his corruption for at least 15 years, – Hodge said.

The MP believes that the UK authorities should launch an investigation into the facts of corruption and freeze assets of Nazarbayev’s family in the territory of the kingdom.

– The cost of inaction is high. The reputation of London and our financial services sector is already sullied, with the UK seen as the jurisdiction of choice for dirty money, – she stressed.

Earlier, journalists from Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, together with Kazakh and Kyrgyz colleagues, stated that Nazarbayev’s assets under the control of charitable foundations amount to about $8 billion.