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In Peru, “good Hitler” defeated “Lenin” in the mayoral elections

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In Peru, during the election race in the mayors of the city of Jungar faced Hitler Alba Sanchez and Lenin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverde. Hitler Alba Sanchez already served as mayor of the city – from 2011 to 2014. The elected mayor himself claims that he is”a good Hitler”.

The politician received 47.7% of the vote, which after the victory of their candidate chanted: “Hitler, Hitler, Hitler” or “Hitler – Yes, corruption – no,” according to ABC.

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Hitler Geslin Alba Sanchez – full name “Hitler”, a graduate of the faculty of statistics and Informatics, which will once again be the mayor Ungaro at the age of 37 years. “Peruvian Hitler” – younger than his famous namesake Adolf Hitler, when he led Germany. “Maybe it’s a coincidence that my name is Hitler. Germany had Adolf Hitler, and from history we know that he was a man, let’s say, bad. Perhaps, its ideology can impose the wrong way, – the newly made mayor declared. – I have no complex associated with the name “Hitler”. It’s like any other name. For me it’s as if my name is Juan, Lucas or Sebastian,” he added.

While his name may scare, “good Hitler” refers to himself as a pacifist and Democrat, so his primary weapon is”simplicity, truthfulness, and exaltation of things to be accomplished.” The name “Hitler”, he obliged the father who gave him that name, not knowing exactly the historical and political connotations of the character. “In the 80s, foreign names sounded romantic. They were fashionable. Perhaps my dad, not knowing exactly who bore the name “Hitler”, gave me such a name, ” he said.

The Peruvian mayor of thought received his full name after graduating from high school, and his decision eventually led to a curious confrontation of homonyms between “Hitler” and “Lenin” a few weeks ago, in the election campaign, when a candidate for mayor, named after Vladimir Lenin, appeared.

Victory over Lenin

Lenin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverde failed in an attempt to withdraw “Hitler” from the election race in the municipality of Jungara. “Lenin” demanded to refuse to the rival the right to apply for a position, however the authorities didn’t find the lawful bases for this purpose. The specific conflict was used by Hitler to strengthen his candidacy for mayor of the city of 3,000 residents. By the way , this town is located in the mountains in the province of Carhuaz, belonging to the region of ankash, to him about nine hours on the road from the capital of Lima. “Hitler is a candidate who needs Jungar. Lenin lost. Hitler-a man who must manage Jungar ” – shouted assistants to the candidate at the closing ceremony of his election campaign.

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Hitler’s name is also everywhere on several streets, in the form of graffiti on houses: “come Back to the best”, “full confidence”or” Experience with the future”. After the “Hitler” has held a post of the mayor Ungaro in the period from 2011 to 2014, “Hitler good man” will once again occupy this position in January for the period 2019-2022. for four years in advance, to control that small area.

In Latin America, children are often named after historical figures. There are such names as Stalin, Napoleon, Mao, and Lenin.