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The ruling party of India, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi was accused of corruption

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A representative of the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party or the Indian people’s party) said that the hands of Congress President Rahul Gandhi and former party leader Sony Gandhi were “stained with corruption”.

Earlier, the Supreme court of Delhi rejected the applications of Rahul and Sonya in the “national Herald case”: representatives of the Gandhi family are suspected of involvement in fraud and misappropriation of funds in the acquisition of property of the National Herald. The petition was filed against a reassessment of taxes related to national Herald and Young India transactions for the 2011-2012 fiscal year, aninews reports.

“The Gandhi family is now known as the family that evades taxes. They’re robbing this country. Income tax will be revalued. This is a great victory against corruption ,” he added.

Patra also said that the leadership of Rahul Gandhi should be reassessed. “Can a corrupt people, tax evaders, and those who violate the law of India to continue to occupy the leading place,” – said Patra on Twitter.

Continuing his tirade against Congress , Patra stressed that all members of the Gandhi family ” got their hands dirty in corruption.”