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In Rome nine people were arrested because of corruption im the stadium

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In the capital of Italy, nine people were arrested, who may have been involved in the corruption chain in the construction of the stadium of the Roman football club “Roma”.

Military police officers have brought charges, including a criminal conspiracy with corrupt government officials, to a number of individuals, including officials, thelocal reports.

None of the Roma football club was arrested or charged. Italian media reported that among those arrested – Luka Parnasi, the owner of a construction company Eurnova, which is in the queue for the construction of the new earth.

Among those arrested designer Luca stadium Parnasi, which in April became involved in the investigation about bankruptcy of the company that owns the racetrack, and the transition in the property of the company they controlled the land on which planned to build the arena.

In addition, Adriano Palozzi, Deputy Chairman of the capital’s Lazio region, regional adviser Michel Civita and Luca Lanzalone, head of the municipal electricity company ACEA, which worked closely with the mayor of Rome Virginia Raja was arrested

“Those who were wrong will pay. We are for the rule of law, if everything meets the standard, we hope that the project will go further,” said the mayor of Raja.

The new stadium is expected to be called Stadio della Roma. The capacity of the arena will be 52 thousand 500 spectators. The architecture of the stadium was engaged in American Dan Mace. Earlier it was planned that the stadium will be built as soon as possible, but the arrests can move the timing for the delivery of the arena in operation.