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In Slovakia, stopped the flow of corruption on the basis of the investigation of the murdered journalist

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The government of Slovakia has closed the scheme of misappropriation of funds allocated for the development of agriculture from the EU, which was told by the murdered journalist Jan Kuchak. This was stated by President Andrew Kiska.

As stated by the President of the country Andrew Pussy, after reading the report of the intelligence service on how tens of millions allocated to agricultural funds of the EU, were sent to support criminal gangs, he was stunned that the police did not start any investigations. The report lists many names, companies, and amounts of money, and it was handed over to the police, OCCRP reports.

“These people received cover from the state mafia, police and politicians who decided not to investigate anything and hide such things,” he said.

According to an entrepreneur and writer who became President of Slovakia in 2014, the government has been hiding organized crime for more than a decade.

“These people should also be questioned by the police, who received information from the Slovak information service,” he said. “The criminals should have had their own people in the Ministry of internal Affairs and the government office, where at least two people worked, who were very close to the suspects.”

The reporter who uncovered the EU funds schemes, Jan Kucak, was killed along with his fiancée eight months ago. Kuchak reported links between the Slovak government and the mafia, including Italian organized criminal groups.

After killing the reporter, people went to mass protests. The public demanded new elections and forced the then Prime Minister Robert fitso to resign.

Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, who replaced fico in his post, said that the report did not have clear links between organized crime and the government.

“This is a misinterpretation,” he said. – Such comments do not make a good impression on Slovakia. But I got used to it from the President, as he never said anything good about Slovakia.”