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«There have to be no patronages and raiding in country»: Kazakh President addresses business community

If business is ready to work honestly, it needs support and assistance in creating a new model of the national economy of Kazakhstan. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said during a meeting with business representatives in Akorda.

– There have to be no so-called patronages and raiding in the country. If business is ready to work honestly, be creative and attractive in a modern way, it needs to be supported and helped to establish a new model of the national economy. We must strictly keep a balance between the interests of business and the state, – Tokayev said.

The head of state stressed that the Prosecutor General’s Office should identify fraudsters, and not pursue private businesses.

– I openly declare: the principle «they cut down the forest – the chips fly» is unacceptable here. If such facts are revealed, special verification activities will be carried out for each case, a qualified assessment will be given, – the president said.

The head of state recalled that Address to the people of Kazakhstan in 2019 stated that illegal obstruction of business should be considered a crime against the interests of the state.

Tokayev pointed out the need to develop a mechanism that would not allow starting a criminal case until all possibilities of appealing against the results of the state audit in a civil procedure have been exhausted.

At the end of his speech, Tokayev instructed the Government and the Presidential Administration to involve the business community in the development of the New Economic Policy of Kazakhstan.