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‘I won’t resign’ – Brazil’s president vows to fight hush money claims

президент Бразилии, коррупция

Brazilian President Michel Temer says he will fight allegations that he endorsed the paying of hush money to an ex-lawmaker jailed for corruption.

His words of defiance came as the Supreme Court authorised an investigation into the claims.

In a televised speech, Temer said he has done nothing wrong.

“I never authorised anyone to pay somebody to keep silent. I didn’t buy anyone’s silence. I will not resign. I know what I did and I know that my acts were correct. I demand a full and quick investigation to clarify it for the Brazilian people,” he said.

It was Temer’s first appearance since the Globo newspaper reported that Temer was allegedly recorded supporting payments to former Lower House Speaker Eduardo Cunha.

Cunha led the impeachment fight that removed Dilma Rousseff from the presidency last year – and put Temer into power. Cunha was later jailed on a 15-year sentence for corruption.

Temer’s administration has lurched from one crisis to another since he took office.

The investigation into a sitting president has sent Brazilian financial markets tumbling.